Baldų dirbtuvės | Manufactures furniture

Baldų dirbtuvės | Manufactures furniture

About the Company


“Baldų dirbtuvės” has been successfully operating in Lithuania and the Scandinavian countries. The company pays great attention to the high quality of work performed, reliability and accuracy, also the improvement of the motivation system for its employees, as well as to the search for more advanced work methods. By implementing this goal, “Baldų dirbtuvės” pursues to ensure high level of its services and maximum fulfillment of the customers’ needs.

“Baldų dirbtuvės” produce furniture for foreign companies, Lithuanian small and medium business capital companies, public sector companies, homes, Lithuanian furniture producers, selling their products in Lithuania and foreign markets. Besides “Baldų dirbtuvės” are co-operating with architects and designers.

The company manufactures furniture from solid wood, medium density fibreboard (MDF), melamine faced chipboard and veneered board. Also sells office chairs, non-standard upholstered furniture, interior items produced in Lithuania and foreign producers.

When designing and manufacturing its furniture, “Baldų dirbtuvės” seeks to satisfy all needs of its customers. By using the best materials and fittings produced by the world’s leading manufacturers, the company aims at achieving high quality for any of its products. Due to the professional team of employees which has extensive work experience, the company can expand its business and earn trust of its customers. The things that are of key importance to “Baldų dirbtuvės” include: accuracy, high quality, speed and responsibility.

The main areas of the company’s activity:

Design, manufacturing and installation of various-purpose tailor-made and standard furniture / Creation and development of interior design

Competitive advantages

  • High quality – by using software for furniture projecting and producing, the latest equipments, the high employees qualification and big experience allows to produce high quality furniture.
  • Reliability – selling and producing process management from ordering to furniture delivery, and guarantee services allow to ensure reliability.
  • Accuracy – installed furniture construction and design program “IMOS” allows from standard furniture fast constructed tailor-made products, calculate material and fittings amount and price, accuracy and fast to take drawings to supply and producing departments.

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