Henris | Manufacturing of stainless

Henris | Manufacturing of stainless

About the Company


  • Company UAB Henris was established in 1993. Since then UAB Henris is successfully operating in metal processing industry. The main areas of activities are: manufacturing of stainless steel furniture parts, chairs and towel dryers; manufacturing of curved or straight metal constructions for various industries (e.g. construction, aviation, automotive, etc.); steel tube, wire, rode or profile bending, rolling, cutting, welding, drilling, reduction, polishing and grinding.
  • Company has implemented quality, environmental and occupational safety standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHAS18801.
  • “Henris” has gathered a qualified, diligent, experienced and energetic team of professionals that help to guarantee the production of high quality products and provide excellent client service.
  • Due to advanced technologies used in production and constant quality control “Henris” manufactured office chairs “ISO New” are comfortable, reliable and has an attractive aesthetic appearance.

Furniture industry related activities


Manufacturing of stainless steel furniture (chairs, tables, armchairs, etc.) constructions (parts) from steel tube, wire, rod or profile.


Productive technological processes



Stainless steel tube, rod or band surface grinding and polishing



Stainless steel tube, rod or band bending using CNC metal bending machines



Other technological processes - cutting, drilling, welding