Šiaurės Lietuvos kolegija

Šiaurės Lietuvos kolegija

About the College


Northern Lithuania College is accredited private higher education institution. It is approved by Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and develops its activities for more than 15 years. The graduates receive Vocational Bachelor Degree. Provision of higher education and Professional qualification services that are relevant to labour market needs, science and new technologies level. The college started its performance in 1994, when Business Advisory Centre was founded in Šiauliai, which dealt with various law, economics, and financial consultations for businessmen in Šiauliai region, organized and performed trainings, seminars, prepared investment projects, took part in various project activities.

The College has great well-equipped classrooms, computer laboratories, modern technical equipment and software, library, Practical Training Centre. Considering the changing economic, labor market situation, and new technologies, the following social and technological science study programs were developed and registered: Business Management, Law, Computer Network Administration, Financial Economics, Event Business Management, Marketing and Multimedia and Internet Technologies. The College provides full-time, part-time and distance learning studies.

Knowledge of real market needs and changes allows the college to ensure that high quality and pertinent services for students are provided. College prepares undergraduate students to meet or exceed performance expectations in initial professional positions and to build upon experiences to achieve career advancement. Our focus is on student development of disciplinary competence, effective communication skills, collaborative problem solving skills, competence in the use of technology and an understanding of the importance of ethical behaviour.


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